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editorial photography

My name is Melissa and I live in Fowey, on the south Cornish coast. I’m a commercial photographer, writer and graphic designer, with one husband, two girls, two cats and a dog. I love to shoot images to support brands. If you don’t really know how your business should look and feel, then I can help you set the tone across every platform.

recent work.

recent work

mountain dreams.

mountain dreams.

I don't even know where to start. Driving out of Geneva in a crazy bright orange Smart car (the Satsuma!) and stopping for a cheese only lunch in Annecy. Then three days of being seriously pampered in an Alpine chalet and cookery school....

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pizza adventures

Did I ever tell you about that time we bought a pizza oven that cost more than our car? That wouldn't take a lot - our car cost £800, but still, it's one of those arguments that occasionally crop up when you're married. In this case, I'm prepared to say that I'm...

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everyday moments for kodak.

Not too long ago, I wrote a really heartfelt blog post for the highly entertainingTruly Madly Kids blog, which you can read HERE. Quite amazingly, it caught the eye of the lovely people at Kodak UK, who requested a series of images for...

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the seasonal star.

Above all things, my guilty pleasure is photographing seasonal ingredients and making them the hero. Asparagus is perfect right now. I snagged a couple of bunches in Ludlow recently and the colours were...

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